Information about museums

Information about museums

The Raahe Museum comprises seven different museums, four of which are near the centre of Raahe. The Saloinen and Ojala Museums and the Olkijoki Treaty Museum are located some 5–10 kilometres from the centre. Here you can find short introduction of each museum, more information can be found from each location's own page.


The Packhouse, oldest one of our museums showcases, for instance, objects related to the Age of Sail and a remarkable collection of wooden church sculputers from the 17th century. For more information, see Packhouse.

Crown Granary

Crown Granary is the newest member of our "museum family", it was opened to public year 2012 when Raahe museum celebrated it's 150th birthday. In Crown Granary you can learn about Raahe's history from prehistory to the present day. For more information, see Crown Granary.

The Sovelius House

The Sovelius House in the oldest surviving residential building in Raahe, dating back to the 1780's. Upstairs in the museum is a restored home of a wealthy shipowner from the 19th century. For more information, see the Sovelius House.

Old Pharmacy

The Old Pharmacy exhibits one of the most valuable collection of pharmaceutical objects in Finland. The collection includes hundreds of apothecary jars as well as equipment and ingredients in preparing medicine  showcased in authentic environment in a building that used to be a pharmacy. For more information, see Old Pharmacy.

Saloinen museum

The Saloinen museum is an extensive complex consisting of 18 buildings, recounting details of livelihood  in the Saloinen region i.e. fishing and farming. For more information, see Saloinen museum.

Ojala museum

The Ojala museum consist of two residential buildings and a cowhouse. The main building was built in the late 19th century. The exhibits are mainly farmhouse objects from the early 20th century, complemented by an interesting collection of coffee cups. For more information, see Ojala museum.

Olkijoki Treaty Museum

The treaty that ended the battles of the Finnish War, was signed in the Olkijoki Treaty museum. An armistice agreement between Sweden and Russia was signed on 19th November 1809. For more information, see Olkijoki Treaty Museum.