The Saloinen museum

Arkkukarintie 53,  Arkkukari 92210.

The Saloinen Museum is an extensive complex consisting of 18 different buildings. The buildings and exhibits of the museum depict old sources of livelihood in the Saloinen region, i.e. fishing and farming. In the museum area, you can find, for instance, a forge, the fishing lodge of Eera Anttila as well as of the old log cabin of the Mutala farm, the history of which can be traced back to 1791. The handsome windmill in the museum area used to belong to the Tokola farm and it stood in the Kuljunmäki area where the Rautaruukki steelworks are currently located.

Nowadays, the Saloinen Museum falls within the scope of Raahe’s museum department but originally it was founded by the Association of Local History and Culture of Saloinen. The Association was founded in 1965 with the purpose of collecting and recording the local history of the Saloinen region as well as collecting artefacts, data and pictures related to the life of local inhabitants in bygone days.